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Exploring Wellness
Dimensions & Approaches
Independence is highly valued by all human beings and hereby it is at the core of every practice of our wellness approach. To develop, maintain and enhance our clients' independence, we are committed to designing and delivering all our programs and services in consistence with the three dimensions of wellness: physical, social and psychological.

Since 2008, CAC has employed the wellness approach throughout our programs and services. We are delighted to share some approaches which can be tailored to suit other organizations' needs. In the meantime, we are continuously exploring various ways of practicing wellness and will update the outcomes in the website.

Mind-set change

The first step is to change our mind-set from viewing clients as frail people who need all aspects of help to treat them as individuals who have strengths and potential to be explored, maintained and enhanced.

At our day centre, care support workers used to serve meals to every client individually as they thought it was a way of expressing respect to elder people. However, through on-going training, they began to realize that this kind of help is not doing any good to seniors in terms of promoting their physical function, maintaining independence and dignity. We therefore changed the table settings and chairs to create a buffet restaurant setting. During lunch time, clients are now encouraged to come out to the buffet tables to serve themselves, with the exception of course of severely frail clients. Moreover, the buffet style provides the clients with a choice of dishes and quantity and therefore encourages them to think for themselves. We also made changes to the morning tea setting.

Step by step, not only the staff but also the clients start to see the benefit of this change. Prompted and monitored by staff, clients now have the chance to sit with friends around a table, help each other with choosing drinks and have a good chat about weather, family and so on. The taste of tea and coffee might be the same but clients are happier and more active as a result of increasing individual function and social interaction between each other.
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